Peak Downs Shire – Road Asset Rollover

We worked with Peakdowns Engineering staff to add new assets, transactions at cost to the JRA KMS system. Then we completed a rollover of asset values for the year and completed all finanical reporting.

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Livingstone Shire – Road Valuation

Road valuations project has commenced. A register file is being put together from history spreadsheet of last reseals and MapInfor Files. This register will be added to for include pavement age and terrain type.

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Livingstone Shire – Service Level Project for Unsealed Roads

We have just finished a presentation to the council on the services delivery for unsealed roads network. (by reviewing the last five years of works order data) The project goals were: 1. Determine the services that Council currently provide to its customers. 2. To review procedures and processes to assist with providing services in a […]

Nanango Shire – Maintenance Management Developments

In the coming week I will be visiting Nananago to help them start implementing some of our practical ideas of managing unsealed roads. I will keep you informed on how it all goes. Update: Site visit has been completed. We completed the following; 1. Condition Monitoring Training 2. Review Maintenance Expenditure History to Assist with […]

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Maroochy Shire – MMS System Implementation Well on Track

In Janurary we started with the Maroochy Shire Council implementing our unique maintenance manegement system (see outline). Things are moving along well. We are looking at completing our first presentation to the Council by the end of May.

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Broadsound Shire – Budget Assistance

Just finished assisting management with preparation of roads and plant budget for 06-07. Also reviewed service levels for unsealed roads to determine budget amounts and finally we completed a review of the reserves amounts for the next 10 years of plant and reseal.

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Nanango Shire – Unsealed Road Maintenance System

Initial implementation of system and procedures is complete. This has been the quickest implementation I have ever completed. Mainly due to the fact that their supervisors actually asked me to come and help. They were very keen to get things working better, which made it really easy to complete implementation. Thank-you to Graeme and John […]

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Miriam Vale Roads Valuation

We have justed started on assisting council with their road revaluation. They will be checking some existing road details using GBM Mobile, PDA and MapInfor. This process is starting to become an affordable and easy way to check assets on the ground.

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Nanango Shire -Assistance with 5 Year Road Works Program

We are working with Engineer staff to develop a 5 years works program for roads looking maintenance, renewal and capital works items. This has involved reviewing the difference between renewal and maintenance works with staff to ensure renewal works is not book to maintenance.

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