Maroochy – Unsealed Road Management, Quarterly Review

We completed a quarterly review of the Key Performance Indicators for the management of the unsealed road network. We also ran a workforce presentation on the outcomes achieved to date. This was well recieved.

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Sarina Shire – Training using GBM Mobile

We completed some training in January on how to use the GBM Mobile software for asset data collection and merging with MapInfo.

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Nanango Shire – Quarterly Review

We recently completed a site visit to review the Key Peformance Indicators for the management of the Unsealed Road Network. We also completed a budget and resource review with supervisors for all road maintenance and construction projects.

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Broadsound- Asset Road Valuation and Asset Register Development

We have finished the Roads Valuation and Transfer to the Practical Revaluation Template for Uploading into the Practical Register. Also the further development of the Road Asset Register in MapInfo was completed in late December.

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Fitzroy-Asset Valuation & System Development

Asset data that was collected using the GBM Mobile software has finished and I have been checking and correcting data to make sure that we have all object data now in MapInfo before I complete the roads valuation.

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Broadsound- Finalisation of Asset System&Process

We have been working with Council staff to finalise in MapInfo an object for every asset for Roads.  We are at the final stages and have also developed processes of handling new assets in MapInfo and the Practical Accounting System.

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Sarina Shire – Asset Management Review

Have been engaged to completed a review of Sarina Shire Asset Management Practices and come up with an action plan for the next six months in light of the recent announcement of Qld Councils likely Amalgamations.  The review will look at Asset Data, Systems, Valuations and Processes.

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