Rockhampton Regional Council

RACAS Unsealed Roads Implementation

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Fitzroy – Asset Register Updating and Financial Reporting

I have been egaged to help update the roads asset register in GIS and produce the financial reporting for Close of the AmalgamatedCouncil.

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Unsealed Roads Training Course – Casino

We ran our day 1 –  Best Practice Operational Techniques for Unsealed Roads at Casino on the 25th of August.  We had 37 attend.  Mostly operators, supervisors and some managers.  Good discussion were had about techniques and possible improvements.

Would you like to know more about our unique and practical training courses please click here to contact us.

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Santos – Unsealed Road Service Delivery Implementation

Jan 2011 started on the implementation of our complete unsealed road network management process.  Started with the videotaping of operational crews in grading practices, for first round of training about obtain best practice operational techniques.

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South Burnett Regional Council – Unsealed Roads Service Delivery Implementation

Commenced in May 2011 the implementation of our service delivery implementation processes for the management of unsealed road networks.

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Roads for Maintaining – Etheridge Shire

Have completed a review onsite with councilors and using council’s mapping application, the issue of Roads off Casement.  A review the legal side was completed to assist council determine its level of service that it would provide to roads within the network.  A Community consultation and a road policy will be the final result of this project.

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Santos – Onsite Inspection of Road Network and Suggestions for Management

Completed an onsite review of the Santos South Australia site, based at Moomba.  The following items were completed;

1. Discussions with management about the environment and conditions that existing in the management of the network to ensure that gas and oil production if effectively outputted from the plant.

2. Road register and classification review.

3. Past Expenditure Review.

4. Road […]

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Duaringa Shire – Asset Register Update (Sep07-Mar08)

Assisted Council to Update Asset register in MapInfo using the GBM Mobile Software. Providing training and development of forms. Hard copy maps of the road register will be  the final outcome.

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Fitzroy – Asset Road Valuation

Student completed 40% of the data collection for roads using the GBM Mobile device. They have gone back to Uni and Council Staff have taken over on the data collection process.

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First unsealedroads.com Newletter

I am in the process of sending out a newletters to those that have given me their email address. The newletter has some detailed information that is hopefully very useful for you on managing unsealed road networks.

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