Banana Shire – Asset Collection Training using GPS

We have trained council staff in the use of the software GBM Mobile to track council road segments and pcikup drainage assets.  Forms have been created using the software to pickup attribute data and GPS details.  The software automatically merges the data with MapInfo.

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Duaringa Shire – Asset Register Update (Sep07-Mar08)

Assisted Council to Update Asset register in MapInfo using the GBM Mobile Software. Providing training and development of forms. Hard copy maps of the road register will be  the final outcome.

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Fitzroy – Asset Road Valuation

Student completed 40% of the data collection for roads using the GBM Mobile device. They have gone back to Uni and Council Staff have taken over on the data collection process.

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IPWEACQ- Conference Yeppoon

Attending an excellent conference at Yeppoon and Golf on the Saturday. We also delievered a paper on the use of GBM Mobile for Asset Collection – Fitzroy Shire Council Project. This paper was completed with two students from CQU. They did an encellent job.

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Sarina Shire – Training using GBM Mobile

We completed some training in January on how to use the GBM Mobile software for asset data collection and merging with MapInfo.

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Fitzroy-Asset Valuation & System Development

Asset data that was collected using the GBM Mobile software has finished and I have been checking and correcting data to make sure that we have all object data now in MapInfo before I complete the roads valuation.

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Broadsound Shire – Road Valuations

We are working with Broadsound engineering staff to complete a road valuation. Some interesting things that we are completing. 1. Using PDA and GPS to pickup assets data using GBM Mobile software. This software works directly with MapInfo. 2. Revising our service level for unsealed roads(% of gravel renewal). This is a very important item […]

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Broadsound Shire-Setting Up Assets in GIS System

We have started to develop procedures and processes of handling our assets in the MapInfo by; 1. GBM Mobile for Asset Collections. 2. Asset forms to make sure asset data goes into Practical Accountant System in the correct format. 3.Basic work order setup. More to come over the next couple of months.

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Miriam Vale Roads Valuation

We have justed started on assisting council with their road revaluation. They will be checking some existing road details using GBM Mobile, PDA and MapInfor. This process is starting to become an affordable and easy way to check assets on the ground.

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