Rockhampton Regional Council – Unsealed Road Research

We will be working with council over the next 6 months to prove the number of operational issues.

1. Does a tyre roller improve the surface longevity of an unsealed road after grading and resheeting?  Currently a single steel drum roller is used on grading works.  Is it economical to do so?

2. Does a ripping (cut depth […]

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Rockhampton Regional Council – service delivery model for unsealed roads Jul08

Developed and delivered service delivery model for unsealed roads presentation to new Council.  This included history review, current service levels and standards and budget impacts.

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Isaac Regional Council – Budget Assistance Apr-June09

We have assisted council in the development of the roads budget based on service delivery.  We completed a presentation to council that shows the results of the service delivery model outcomes.

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Mackay Regional Council Regional Implementation of Maintenance Management System

Started on the implementation of the maintenance management system for unsealed roads for the new region.   This included the old Sarina and Mirani Shires. We have started the development of best practice operational techniques with the review of current grading techniques.  Management processes of service delivery and budgeting is commencing this coming month.

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Narromine 2 day unsealedroads training course

We had 23 attend day 1 and 8 attend day 2.  From our Participant review sheets the following rating were achieved:  Day 1: Best Practice Operational Techniques and Introduction into Service Level, was rated as 21% extremely useful, 79%Useful, 0% Moderately Useful, 0% Not very Useful  .Day 2: Budgeting and programming on limited budgets, was […]

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Isaac Regional Council – Asset Collection Using GPS

We have trained council staff in the use of the software GBM Mobile to track council road segments and pcikup drainage assets.  Form have been created using the software to pickup attribute data and GPS details.   The software automatically merges the data with MapInfo.

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Rockhampton Regional Council – Unsealed Roads Delivery Model Presentation

Presented to Regional Councilor on the unsealed road delivery model process currently been used and refined. We covered the following items: 1. Road Network 2. Current Service Levels for Unsealed Roads 3. Delivery Model Process 4. Budget tools used to model the Delivery Approach.

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Sunshine Coast – Unsealed Road Delivery Model Presentation

Presented to regional council managers and supervisors the unsealed road delivery model process currently been used at the old Maroochy Shire council. We covered the following items: 1. Current Service Levels for Unsealed Roads 2. Delivery Model Process 3. Budget tools used to model the Delivery Approach.

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Whitsunday Regional – End of Year Asset Finanical Reporting

Complete the Asset end of year finanical reporting for roads.  I have completed this for this council for the last 3 years.

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Livingstone Shire – Development of AMP for Road

Developed a simple high level document that described the current services that council provide for the road network for both the unsealed and sealed areas and the costs to continue to delivery these services into the future.

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