Unsealed Road Training Course – Toowoomba (Sep07)

Completed the Unsealed Roads 3 day training course covering Best Practical operational Techniques, Defining Sevices Levels, Budgeting for Defined Service Levels on limited Budgets. Nanango, Beaudesert shire and Harvey Bay Shires Attended.

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IPWEA National Conference – Cairns (Aug08)

Attended the conference. Excellent papers were delivered:  www.ipwea.org.au

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Broadsound Shire -Review of Unsealed Road Management System

New staff had arrived. Training and system development was completed.

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Unsealed Roads Training Course – Canberra ACT

November 2009 we completed our unique 2 day unsealed roads training course for the surrounding councils of Palerang, Yass Valley, Snowy River, ACT Gov and Dept of Ter.

If you want to know more about our unsealed roads training course click here.

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Unsealed Road Training Course – Southerndowns Regional Council

We completed our 2 day unsealed roads training course in-house for the Southern downs regional council in July 2010.  We completed day;

1. Best Practical Operational Techniques and Service Delivery Inspections

2. Service Delivery Budgeting and Programming on Limited budgets

If you want to know more about our 2 day training course click here.

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Rockhampton Regional Council – Unsealed Roads Training

September 2010.  Completed a half day training course for 24 persons on best practical operational techniques.  For grader, water truck and roller operators.

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Mackay- Implemented the our unsealed roads management system Jan-Mar09

We completed some further training for all staff in the new region on the unsealed road management system that has been operating at the original Mackay City council since 2002.

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Unsealed Roads Training Course – Kempsey Nov08

We completed the 2 day unsealed roads training course to 17 persons.

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Gladstone regional – unsealed roads maintenance management system training Feb09

We completed a 1 day training course to assist new staff in the use of our unsealed roads maintenance management system.

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Unsealed Roads Training course – Mildura Dec08

We had 15 persons attend our 2 day training course in Midura.  It was very sucessful with good reviews obtained. If you are interesting in our training course go to this link

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