Maroochy- Asset Plans

Assisted this month with the providing of information on the current and predicted service levels for unsealed roads so that this information can be added to Council Asset Management Plans.

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Peakdowns- Loading of Asset data in JRA System

This month we have translated the water and sewer data thta was in excel spreadsheets into the Jeff Roorda Asset System.

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Boonah – Unsealed Training Course and Management Review

Spent 3 days with Boonah Shire in March. We competed a review of current practices of the management of the unsealed road network. Ranging from operational, services level determination, budgetting and reporting. Also we reviewed the asset management processes, especically the asset register progress.

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Sarina Shire – Training using GBM Mobile

We completed some training in January on how to use the GBM Mobile software for asset data collection and merging with MapInfo.

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Fitzroy-Asset Valuation & System Development

Asset data that was collected using the GBM Mobile software has finished and I have been checking and correcting data to make sure that we have all object data now in MapInfo before I complete the roads valuation.

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Broadsound- Finalisation of Asset System&Process

We have been working with Council staff to finalise in MapInfo an object for every asset for Roads.  We are at the final stages and have also developed processes of handling new assets in MapInfo and the Practical Accounting System.

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Livingstone Shire – LG Asset Program

I’m assisting the Livingstone shire with the LG Asset program for the next couple of months.

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Whitsunday – Asset Rollover

Completed the Road Asset rollover for the Whitsunday Shire recently, this included the following: 1. Adding New Asset to Register at Valuation 2. Writeoff of old assets and replaced assets 3. Indexing the values to represent fair value 4. Depreciating all assets by one year 5. Produce Financial figure for Accountant 6. Providing Methodology.

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Bowen Shire – Roads Valuation Rollover and Additions

We worked for JRA to complete the additions, writeoffs and rollover of existing roads asset values plus documentation.

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Livingstone Shire Drainage Valuation Rollover

We have completed the drainage asset value rollover, additions and documentation for auditor.

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