Road Register Maps – To Scale from MapInfo

We have produced road register maps with index and to scale from recently colelcted asset information in MapInfo for Duaringa, Broadsound and Nebo shires.

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Broadsound Shire -Review of Unsealed Road Management System

New staff had arrived. Training and system development was completed.

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Mackay city – Assistance with AMP for Roads

We are assisting the Works Section write an AMP for their road activities.

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Broadsound – Quarterly Review

Working with council to review related infrastructure expenditures and reporting to Councils Works and Plant Committee. We also implemented the use of the Plant Utilisation funtions for Plant Reporting in the Practical Accounting System this month. This is a very simply to do, yet with powerful results.

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Rockhampton Regional Council – Upgrade Policy for unsealed roads Mar09

We continued the next series of presentations on the service delivery model.  In this presentation to council we covered the budget model based on service levels and displayed the cost impacts. Also we displayed the new upgrading policy to be used to determine when a unsealed road could be considered for sealing.

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Isaac Regional Council – Unsealed Roads Delivery Model Presentation

Presented to Regional Councilor on the unsealed road delivery model process currently been used and refined. We covered the following items: 1. Road Network 2. Current Service Levels for Unsealed Roads 3. Delivery Model Process 4. Budget tools used to model the Delivery Approach

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Gladstone Region Maintenance Management System

Implement MMS application at another region of this council.   Current application has been in use at the old Calliope Shire for 5 years.

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Isaac Regional Council – Asset Mapping System

We have implement a customised search and view control process on council mapping system to view councils assets by search by property details or road names.

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Livingstone Shire – Development of AMP for Road

Developed a simple high level document that described the current services that council provide for the road network for both the unsealed and sealed areas and the costs to continue to delivery these services into the future.

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Livingstone – Budget Development

This month we have been helping manangement develop budget for roads. This included the maintenance, renewal and capitial addition works. We have also developed a number of models to determine for certain services level predicted expenditure for maintenance and renewal. Finally this year council is consdiering the extra lifecycle costing for capitial assets so that […]

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