Unsealed Road Training Course – Toowoomba (Sep07)

Completed the Unsealed Roads 3 day training course covering Best Practical operational Techniques, Defining Sevices Levels, Budgeting for Defined Service Levels on limited Budgets. Nanango, Beaudesert shire and Harvey Bay Shires Attended.

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Nanango Shire – Maintenance Management Developments

In the coming week I will be visiting Nananago to help them start implementing some of our practical ideas of managing unsealed roads. I will keep you informed on how it all goes. Update: Site visit has been completed. We completed the following; 1. Condition Monitoring Training 2. Review Maintenance Expenditure History to Assist with […]

Broadsound Shire – Road Valuations

We are working with Broadsound engineering staff to complete a road valuation. Some interesting things that we are completing. 1. Using PDA and GPS to pickup assets data using GBM Mobile software. This software works directly with MapInfo. 2. Revising our service level for unsealed roads(% of gravel renewal). This is a very important item […]

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Livingstone Shire – Service Level Project for Unsealed Roads

We have just finished a presentation to the council on the services delivery for unsealed roads network. (by reviewing the last five years of works order data) The project goals were: 1. Determine the services that Council currently provide to its customers. 2. To review procedures and processes to assist with providing services in a […]

Maroochy Shire-Council Presentation on Managing Unsealed Roads

Presentation covered; 1. Best practice operational techniques-ensuring better performing roads and less deterioration. 2. Engaging maintenance by using a condition intervention level-grading roads when the need requires it rather then by just requests or complaints. 3.Budgeting by Service Levels- See the cost and resources to meet defined services levels of condition and % of imported […]

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