In the coming week I will be visiting Nananago to help them start implementing some of our practical ideas of managing unsealed roads. I will keep you informed on how it all goes. Update: Site visit has been completed. We completed the following; 1. Condition Monitoring Training 2. Review Maintenance Expenditure History to Assist with budgeting and also completed a review of job costing numbering system. 3.Implement trial MMS computer system. 4.Developed works orders for unsealed road maintenance. 5.Completed Council Presentation of Programming by Condition Response to Maintenance and the benefits for doing so. 6.Setup procedures for handling road complaints using the condition monitoring approach to programming works. 7.Video recorded grading crew to be used for training review on techniques. 8.Developed budget model for nexyt coming year for maintenance and renewal works for roads including unsealed,sealed and drainage works.