Broadsound – Loading of Asset Valuation Data into Practical System

This month we have successfully completed with the broadsound Shire the electronic loading road valuation data back into the Practical Accounting System using their automatic features.  This saved us heaps of re-typing of 5000 assets details.

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Livingstone – Budget Development

This month we have been helping manangement develop budget for roads. This included the maintenance, renewal and capitial addition works. We have also developed a number of models to determine for certain services level predicted expenditure for maintenance and renewal. Finally this year council is consdiering the extra lifecycle costing for capitial assets so that […]

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Maroochy- Asset Plans

Assisted this month with the providing of information on the current and predicted service levels for unsealed roads so that this information can be added to Council Asset Management Plans.

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Fitzroy – Asset Road Valuation

Student completed 40% of the data collection for roads using the GBM Mobile device. They have gone back to Uni and Council Staff have taken over on the data collection process.

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Mackay City – Budget Time

We complete a review of KPI, works and expenditure and developed a budget for the coming year for unsealed road maintenance works based of defined service levels.

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IPWEACQ- Conference Yeppoon

Attending an excellent conference at Yeppoon and Golf on the Saturday. We also delievered a paper on the use of GBM Mobile for Asset Collection – Fitzroy Shire Council Project. This paper was completed with two students from CQU. They did an encellent job.

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Peakdowns- Loading of Asset data in JRA System

This month we have translated the water and sewer data thta was in excel spreadsheets into the Jeff Roorda Asset System.

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