Auslink Project – Rolleston to Suttor Development Road

Started a project co-ordination role for the regional councils of Broadsound, Belyando, Peak Downs, Bauhinia and Duaringa Shire for the Rolleston to Suttor Development Road Auslink Project. Role is to co-ordinate project progress and report to regional technical, polical group and to Dotars on project progress every bi-month.  This is a three year project.

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Unsealed Road Training Course – Toowoomba (Sep07)

Completed the Unsealed Roads 3 day training course covering Best Practical operational Techniques, Defining Sevices Levels, Budgeting for Defined Service Levels on limited Budgets. Nanango, Beaudesert shire and Harvey Bay Shires Attended.

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IPWEA National Conference – Cairns (Aug08)

Attended the conference. Excellent papers were delivered:  www.ipwea.org.au

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Broadsound Shire -Review of Unsealed Road Management System

New staff had arrived. Training and system development was completed.

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Sarina Shire – Asset Management Plan for Roads

Developed an asset management plan with staff for roads. Defined clearly the services that are provided and costs to continue to deliver such services. Also identified gaps in funding for the coming future.

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Mackay city – Assistance with AMP for Roads

We are assisting the Works Section write an AMP for their road activities.

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Broadsound – Quarterly Review

Working with council to review related infrastructure expenditures and reporting to Councils Works and Plant Committee. We also implemented the use of the Plant Utilisation funtions for Plant Reporting in the Practical Accounting System this month. This is a very simply to do, yet with powerful results.

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IPEAWQ State Conference: Grading Standards Success in Richmond

The presentation covered the following;

The training process– all staff and contractors completed our Best Practice and Operational Techniques Day 1 Course
The UR auditing process, with six key criteria required for a successful grade was used to drive consistency and continued improvement
Problems encountered and the lessons learnt
12 month outcomes, they are seeing increased consistency and performance […]

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Grading Technique – using as grid roller in maintenance grading

Just Had the opportunity to review a NSW Council using a grid roller for maintenance grading. The purpose of using the roller was to break down the grass matter that was in the material retrieved off the shoulders, rather than wasting both the grass and gravel present. I’m currently reviewing the possibilities of this techinique […]

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Unsealed Roads Training Course – Casino

We ran our day 1 –  Best Practice Operational Techniques for Unsealed Roads at Casino on the 25th of August.  We had 37 attend.  Mostly operators, supervisors and some managers.  Good discussion were had about techniques and possible improvements.

Would you like to know more about our unique and practical training courses please click here to contact us.

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